Japanese Language Lesson for Business&Customer Service

ビジネス・接客・面接-仕事のための日本語会話 集中訓練

Learn easier & faster with our totally tailored lessons

Do you want to get a better job, develop your career

or start your own business here in JAPAN

For those who seek business opportunities, it's vital to improve language skills not only to give customers better service but to build up better relationships with your business partners, colleagues, and employers.


At inTuition Language Training Studiowe are ready to help you develop your Japanese language skills by offering practical lessons totally tailored to your individual needs/business requirements.

 inTuition Language Training Studio offers:


Tailored lessons focusing on individual learning needs and goals.

Practice-based training including interactive drill exercise, role-play and flash card exercise. We focus on practicing rather than lecturing so that you can learn faster & more effectively.

Pronunciation & fluency training to enable you to sound more natural.


Our lessons are ideal for those of you who wish to: 


work as a retail sales associate, restaurant/cafe server, caregiver or in other service industries.

prepare for job interviews/improve interview performance.

learn technical terms frequently used in specific industry or how to use polite expressions in particular business situations.


Our training courses also feature:


Flexible Learning Schedule 

     Your training sessions can be arranged at the best time for you. 

Locations to Suit You

    Training sessions are available at our Nakano location, at your workplace, or at home.

One-on-One or Small Group Training

     you can choose to have one-on-one training or learn in a small group with your colleagues/friends.

Available for all ages

Free Consultation

     Let us discuss your goals and requirement, as well as your current level of the language.

     Get in Touch

Lesson Fees:


Admission fee: 5,000JPY+tax 


■60 min Session

One-on-one:  2,500JPY+tax per person

Two-on-one/Small group: 1,500JPY per person


40 min Session:

One-on-one:  2,000JPY+tax per person

Two-on-one/Small group: 1,000JPY+tax per person


※30 min. Free Consultation is available for everyone


Other services for Business/Shop Owners

and Independent Teachers/Tutors


■Study Booth Rental Service 

 If you are looking for places to give lessons, please consider this service


Please see the details


■Translation/Proofreading  Service

If you find it difficult to choose words/phrases for your ad or other documents in Japanese,

please get in touch with us.


We help you create catchy marketing/advertising phrases in Japanese 

with affordable rates.


We also translate/proofread your phrases/content of:

-Internet Home Page

-Restaurant food menu

-Recruitment ad




We do not just translate/proofread contents, but give you some advice  

to make them more memorable and readable.

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ビジネス・接客・面接-仕事のための日本語会話 集中訓練



それとも ビジネスを始めたいですか?



inTuition Language Training Studioは、日本で仕事をしたい人たちのために、基本から応用まで、あなたの仕事、目的に応じた役に立つレッスンをご用意いたします。






















  ⇒Study Booth Rental






40分 2,000円+消費税

60分 2,500円+消費税 



40分 1,000円+消費税/1名

60分 2,000円+消費税/1名